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Parent Testimonials

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We love KRK! One of the most comforting things as a working mom is dropping your kids off somewhere that you feel they are not only well cared for and safe but happy. I have 2 kids currently enrolled and they both love it! My son is about to enter their preK program and has been there since he was an infant. I love that my 1 year old daughter has all of the same teachers he did 4 years later. I think it is so comforting to walk in every morning and have my kids greeted by their first name by the staff at the front desk. The curriculum is well structured and the teachers do a fabulous job. This is really not just a daycare but a really good prep for school. I have no doubt that my son will excel in kindergarten because of the foundation KRK has set for him. I look forward to several more years there with my daughter. I highly recommend KRK to anyone in East Cobb!
Nadia W.
KRK is the best daycare, pre-school in East Cobb. I toured 5 different schools in the area, and was impressed with the teachers, "Watch me Grow" program, and in house chef -- Mr. Mike. The teachers not only provide love and support for our children, but also give me piece of mind they are being well cared for during the day while I am away. Out of the 5 schools I toured, this is not something you can put a price on. The owner also takes care of his employees, thus, they are on staff for many years without a high ratio of turn over. Also, to further give me piece of mind during the day, the "Watch Me Grow" cameras also provide myself to view my child's activities during the day. Lastly, Mr Mike is amazing. His in house cuisine enable the children to try different foods I may not cook at home, which results in a new kid favorite. Over all, I have been very pleased with KRK and highly recommend to any prospective families moving to the East Cobb area.
Kimberly C.
Simply the best
Kids R Kids Johnson Ferry is simply amazing. When I was pregnant with my twins I visited 4 places in the east cobb area. After my KRK visit I immediately put my girls on the waiting list for admission. They started when they were 1, now we are about to enter Pre-K and we could not be happier with our decision. The teachers and entire staff are the most compassionate, caring, and dedicated people I have ever met. They have become like family to us and we trust them with our precious children every day with no reservations whatsoever. They ask for advice and really listen to the parents suggestions such as healthier snacks and whole grain foods. They all know parents and children by name and it a true comfort to know they are teaching my children. I wish we could stay there forever, but I will truly cherish my last year with them. I have always ms will continue to recommend friends to KRK. My girls love it as much as we do, and that is the best testament ever.
ONLY school for my children
Kids R Kids East Cobb (Johnson Ferry) is just amazing. Both of my children love it there. The teachers are caring. They not only care for their own students but the students in the other classes as well. The included enrichment programs are a huge educational boost (such as Mandarin, Spanish, Yoga & Music). Kids R Kids also offers additional activities that the children may participate in such as Dance, Soccer & Gymnastics. There are many great pre-schools in East Cobb, but Kids R Kids is the best and I wouldn't send my children anywhere else!
Rachel E
I love KRK
I chose KRK because I had heard great things about it right after my daugther was born. One of the best perks was that it was close to my job and I had internet access to view what she was doing in her class. Being a first time parent, this was an absolute plus! There have been days that I am so busy at work that I'm not able to log in but knowing that she is being very well taken care of makes it easier for me! The teachers there treat her like she's their own and that's what I love!
Lourdes Kearney
Best school in East Cobb!
We were previously at another Kids R Kids school and then moved to East Cobb. We loved our old school and didn't know how anywhere else could compare. We soon realized that we LOVE this school even more! The amount of money that Mr. Frank puts back into the school is amazing. Spanish, Yoga, Mandarin, and Music are all included in tuition! On top of that, they bring in special enrichments (science guy, juggler, music performances, etc) regularly for the kids to enjoy - even the babies get to be apart of it! Every classroom has multiple computers and the kids never 'want' for anything that will enhance their education! You won't regret this decision!
Julie Henshaw
Love the teachers!!!!
Our daughter just turned 1 and has been at KRK for 4 months. We cannot say enough about the people at KRK! As a mom, there is no greater blessing than someone who loves your child! These teachers absolutely adore the children...they are perfect in their jobs. We are expecting our second baby in June and will be sending him/her along to KRK too!
Kelly Haas
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